Resolving corporate conflict through mediation

There are many opportunities for conflict and breakdowns in relationships within an organizational context. These may range from differences between colleagues to boardroom fallouts, resulting in teams that should collaborate being at war with one another.

Instances of corporate conflict are often made more complex because emotions are particularly high such as when the managers of a family-run business clash; when long serving staff resisting change; professions where social identity is strongly linked to professional identity; or, where managers are not equipped to deal with problems as they arise.

In these instances, an alternative dispute resolution process or mediation may offer significant benefits. A mediation process offers the opportunity for the two (or more) parties to find a positive outcome, often with creative solutions that a litigation process could not provide. Through mediation, unlike litigation, the outcome can be built of non-financial solutions such as apologies, official announcements, recommendations, training or redeployment. Moreover, mediation, if sought early on, can protect or repair relationships, by creating better understanding between parties and focusing on the future. Mediation is, at its core, about helping everybody move on. It can be easily shaped to suit any context, such as industrial action, boardroom disputes, or perceived workplace bullying.

Mediation is valuable for any organisation wanting to proactively manage conflict which can ultimately lead to improved personal and organisational well-being. The flexibility and adaptability of the mediation process can assist organisations in taking back control over (sometimes recurring) situations of crisis, take ownership of their social climate and move towards a collaborative and people-focused organisational culture. Ultimately this leads to better employee satisfaction, increased productivity and talent retention, reduction of sickness-related absence, not to mention the potential financial savings as time previously diverted to dealing with conflict can now be put towards managing the business.

Contact us to discuss how mediation may be able to assist in the resolution of any conflict you are experiencing.

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