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talent management

At Cultiv8, we partner with you to design and implement a talent management strategy to suit your organisation. We conduct hands-on assessments of where you are, what you need and then implement a solution to get you where you want to be.

What is talent management?

We have seen the emergence of the Human Age, where talent is the new differentiator. A winning talent management strategy relies on the successful integration of a number of processes. Each of the people processes outlined in our talent management model support the talent management strategy and need to be aligned with the organisational culture and business strategy. 

Why is talent management important?

The “war for talent” which was first identified by McKinsey & Company in 1997 is still evident almost two decades later. In the information age, an organisation’s value lies within its intangible assets – its intellectual capital, winning brands and innovative ideas. Underpinning all of these intangibles is talent.

The war for talent is a business reality in South Africa too. The Manpower Group’s 2015 Global Talent Shortage Survey found that 31% of South African companies reported talent shortages at a time when the world has experienced a global recession, an uneven recovery, and demographic, technological and economic shifts that have transformed the employment landscape.  Companies  that can attract and integrate new people while developing and retaining their existing people will have a head-start in achieving their revenue and profit targets.

Organisations that are focused on a talent management approach to managing their people are well positioned to unlock employee engagement. Engaged employees are more productive, and are quick to create opportunities to forge relationships with customers. Engaged employees also stay with the organisation longer and are more committed to quality and growth.

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