Model for managing talent

tal man modelA winning talent management strategy relies on the successful integration of a number of processes.  Each of the people processes outlined in the model below support the talent management strategy and need to be aligned with the organisational culture and business strategy.

cultiv8’s areas of expertise lie in the following, each of which can be individually or collectively assessed for suitability against your particular requirements.


  • defining the organisational culture, articulating the employer brand and value system
  • understanding ‘talent’ in the organisational context
  • identifying the target audience and the key insights that enable sustained engagement

attract & select

  • activating the employer brand
  • creating recruitment campaigns to appeal to the target audience
  • crafting an appropriate social media strategy
  • developing interview guides which incorporate the employer brand and value system
  • ensuring alignment of job specs, interview guides, job profiles and performance contracts to the employer brand


  • implementing a career management strategy
  • using mentoring as a growth tool
  • creating leadership development frameworks
  • delivering face‐to‐face, video‐based or online training
  • enhancing interactions between people at all levels


  • creating an effective on-boarding process for new employees
  • implementing a succession strategy
  • managing change
  • counselling poor performers


  • designing a performance management process
  • creating recognition structures
  • communicating the business strategy
  • implementing work/life balance opportunities
  • measuring employee engagement levels

track & review

  • designing talent management metrics
  • obtaining employee feedback
  • reassessing the strategy

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