You made a hiring mistake

Meet Ben. He applied for the sales manager position at your company. He submitted a polished résumé with an impressive background that included extensive sales experience. His enthusiasm during his interview stood out among the other candidates, and he seemed like a positive team player. His references checked out. He seemed like the perfect person […]

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Four talent practices which drive revenue gains

Many companies miss out on enormous opportunities for growth and profitability because they don’t appreciate the impact of excellent talent management. New research by Gallup clarifies the relationship between organisations’ use of four specific human capital practices and their revenue growth. Most importantly, it reveals the power of implementing all four practices together – employers who combine them […]

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How do you find the right people?

“Recruit for attitude and train for skill”  The first time I read that was in Good To Great (by Jim Collins) and I’ve read it many times since then.  Many businesses though are still recruiting for skill (or technical competence) and hoping that the right attitude will follow.  Technical competence indicates that the candidate should be […]

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