Customer [service] is king

I recently read an interesting report entitled ‘Service 2020: Megatrends for the decade ahead’ which focuses on how organisations will complete in the year 2020.

The report notes that we are heading towards a highly commoditised and competitive global marketplace, in which new rivals from emerging markets are expanding rapidly and, as a result, organisations will soon regard service as the number one competitive differentiator.  In today’s competitive landscape, quality is seen as most important (with 42% of respondents indicating that they compete on this basis) but this picture shifts considerably with 55% expecting to compete on the basis of customer service by 2020.  For the full picture, take a look at this graph:

The report went on to state that almost 70% of respondants chose people as the resource which matters most in delivering good service (ahead of process and technology) and that, regardless of ways in which technology may automate some elements of servicing customers, people will always prefer to deal with people.

The issue of customer experience is one which is close to my heart and, if this research is anything to go by, it is something that we will be spending much more time talking about as the decade unfolds.  Critical to enabling competition on the basis of customer service is a well executed talent management strategy.  This will help to ensure that the employees who are responsible for customer service have been carefully recruited to ensure that they fit the organisation’s culture; that they are well-trained to deliver the standards of service which can function as a competitive differentiator; and that the organisation takes the time to address its employee engagement metrics to ensure that key staff are retained.

Read the report here 

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