What’s in a name?

So many people have asked me why I chose Cultiv8 as the name for my business and I thought that it would make a good topic for my first blog post. 

Talent management is the core of my consulting practice and I wanted a name that reflects the continuous development of all aspects of the  process of managing people to drive the organisation forward.

Brainy Quote provides the following two definitions for the word “cultivate” which I particularly like…

To bestow attention, care, and labor upon, with a view to valuable returns; to till; to fertilize; as, to cultivate soil.
To direct special attention to; to devote time and thought to; to foster; to cherish.

While cultivation usually relates to farming activities, I believe that almost anything, including an enhanced customer experience, a particular mind-set or an approach to managing people, can be cultivated just as easily.  A talent management strategy is something that requires attention, care and labour but it also has the potential to deliver valuable returns to the business which make the time well worth spending.

And the 8?  Well, I just like 8’s especially because they become ∞ (infinity) when turned on their side and that’s where I think a properly executed talent management strategy can take you.

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