You’re only as good as your last customer experience

Last week I had a meeting in which we discussed the importance of customer experiences.  After the meeting (which took place in a shopping mall) I went into a nearby DIY/electronics store and had a real-life customer experience that was worth talking about – but for all the wrong reasons!

It got me thinking about the steps that organisations can take to improve their customer experiences.  Sure, they can sell great products, just as they can roll out an amazing advertising campaign, but the last interaction a customer will have with their brand will take place in the store with a salesperson or cashier.  And it is around that interaction that the customer experience will crystallise, your customers will judge your brand by the way that they were made to feel in those moments.  That doesn’t seem to be very fair but in a consumer-driven world, it is often the last available differentiator between competing brands. 

So in the end, it is your employees who will make or break your customer experience strategy.  An organisation which has the reputation of reliably delivering good customer experiences undoubtedly has good people practices in place.  They will have built a strong culture around their brand, tailored their recruitment process around their culture and ensured that the people they hire are a good cultural fit.  An organisation seeking to improve its customer experiences, needs to rethink its people practices so that how it recruits and manages its talent becomes a strategic priority. 

Fortunately, there are also some organisations who seem to understand this.  Have you had a good customer experience you would like to share?

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